Pompano Beach 3/4 Day Fishing Charter

Pompano Beach 3-4 day charterDeparting from our docks in Pompano Beach, our ¾ day fishing charters will allow you six hours of adrenalin-packed fishing action.

When we go fishing ourselves, our ¾ day fishing trip is the one we generally choose. Our clients are no exception. Our Pompano Beach ¾ day charters have become extremely popular because they are such a perfect compromise between our half day and full day options. The massive difference in the amount of fish you can catch is due to those two extra hours. We are able to go farther offshore if required, and our captains have more flexibility to move around and chase exhilarating sports fish. We can even take you on a short sight-seeing trip through the waterways of Pompano Beach. The city is absolutely stunning, so let us know if this interests you.

Our Pompano Beach ¾ day fishing charter prices include everything required to catch a great number of fish. You will have a boat, a captain and mate, all the fishing equipment you can possibly use, as well as frozen bait and lures. We do not include live bait however. Although we do occasionally recommend it, the choice is yours. If we think that live bait will increase your chances of catching some really spectacular and big fish, then we will tell you ahead of time. We will provide you with it, and add the cost onto your charter if you wish. We do not keep this a secret (as many charters in Pompano Beach do), because we feel it is a shame to miss the opportunity of catching really big fish if they are biting that day.

Most of the fish that we catch in Pompano Beach is edible (extremely delicious, in fact). Whatever you catch is yours to keep. Once we reach the dock, our Pompano Beach fishing charter crew will clean and fillet your fish for you. They will package it into zip lock bags for you to either take home, or take with you to a local seafood restaurant. Many of Pompano Beach's restaurants will charge you a far cheaper rate than anything they offer on their menus, if you bring your catch and let them turn it into a culinary delight for you. Their expert chefs thrill in doing this, and they will even include side dishes to compliment your catch to perfection.

Call us now to book your Pompano Beach ¾ Day Fishing Charter and come alive with the adventure.