Pompano Beach Tuna Fishing

Pompano Beach tuna fishing

Tuna are found in abundance off the coast of Pompano Beach, and targeting tuna is the most requested charter of our clients. Pompano Beach tuna fishing is one of the most challenging, exciting, adventurous and rewarding charters that we offer and we highly recommend it.

The most common tuna varieties found in Pompano Beach are the yellowfin tuna and the blackfin tuna. All tuna species are incredibly powerful fish, and they are extremely fast. Tuna have been recorded in Pompano Beach waters as swimming at speeds nearing 40mph underwater – ensuring all anglers with tuna on their lines have a magnificent fight ahead of them.

Tuna have perfectly designed aerodynamic bodies that make them highly adept at catching small fish. We use both frozen bait and live bait to catch them with, and we do this while trolling or kite fishing. The most magnificent part of catching a tuna is that you will not only feel them take your bait – but you will hear them too.

The popularity of tuna fishing in Pompano Beach is due to the incredible amount of fun that anglers have catching the most delicious fish in the sea. With the rise in the global demand for sushi, yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna and bluefin tuna are all hunted with great enthusiasm by commercial fishermen, recreational anglers and fishing charters.  This is easier to understand when we tell you that a bluefin tuna once sold in Japan for a staggering $400 000!

All of our Pompano Beach tuna fishing clients want to eat their catch immediately, on the boat. This is extremely tasty, and in theory, raw fish does not come fresher than that. However, the reality is extremely messy, and we prefer to clean and fillet them once we get back to the dock. Fishing for tuna is not only our customer's favorite, but also our Pompano Beach fishing captains too.

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