Pompano Beach Tarpon Fishing

Pompano Beach tarpon fishing

Pompano Beach is one of the best places to catch tarpon, and these massive, cunning fish put up such an awesome fight that they are well respected by the locals of Pompano Beach. They will leap high out of the water, rolling and flipping frantically to break free of your line – and you are assured of a truly exhilarating, adrenalin-filled adventure on our Pompano Beach tarpon fishing charters.

Pompano Beach tarpon are very big, and can grow to be over eight feet in length. Generally,we find them ranging between five and seven feet, weighing nearly 250lbs, and these fish are extremely powerful. Tarpon are also spectacularly beautiful fish with blue and green hues on their silvery scales, which cover their entire bodies.

Interestingly, most people do not realize that when targeting tarpon, you have a much higher chance of catching them when you stay inshore on rivers, canals and ocean inlets. Tarpon are found all along the eastern coast of the United States, and are extremely common in the Atlantic Ocean. Our Pompano Beach fishing captains are extensively experienced in fishing for tarpon, and many of them have their own secret tarpon fishing spots. Some of them even focus exclusively on tarpon fishing in Pompano Beach.

Tarpon are migratory, and they travel south during winter to escape the colder waters of the north. They are found in Pompano Beach all year round, but in winter and spring your chances of catching them increase dramatically when their northerly neighbours arrive in Pompano Beach.

All rod and reel types can be used to catch tarpon. Our Pompano Beach tarpon fishing charters can arrange to take you out on small boats using light tackle or bigger boats with heavy tackle. These fish are incredibly strong, so beware of cheap equipment that is easily overpowered by our massive tarpon.

Tarpon in Pompano Beach are caught on frozen bait, artificial bait, lures and live bait. We prefer our bait live – shrimps, crabs and pilchards work fantastically well. Live bait is more expensive, and it does tend to be enjoyed by other fish who steal it. However, we believe that using it will provide you with your best chance to catch a magnificent sized tarpon.

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