Pompano Beach Swordfish Fishing

Pompano Beach swordfish fishingPompano Beach swordfish fishing charters are highly recommended. These fish are simply amazing, and they are exhilarating and thrilling to catch – making them one of the most exciting fishing charters that we offer our Pompano Beach customers.

Swordfish are easily identified by their long, broad bill or "sword", which they use to slash and kill their prey. Contrary to popular opinion, swordfish do not spear their prey as is commonly believed. Swordfish are suggested to anglers looking to do some night fishing, because they are caught equally during the day and night. Our Pompano Beach swordfish charters use live squid to catch them. This is their favorite food and it works very effectively.

Pompano Beach swordfish fishing is an experience we do not believe you should miss out on. Reeling these gigantic fish out of the depths of the ocean provides anglers with an extremely exciting challenge. We find swordfish ranging between depths of a couple of hundred feet to thousands of feet. These fish are so large that we frequently bring between 200lbs and 500lbs swordfish back to our docks. The strength of these fish is phenomenal. Even the proudest, toughest anglers aboard our Pompano Beach swordfish charters regularly ask us to assist them to reel these monsters in with our electric reels.

Swordfish fishing charters in Pompano Beach are usually more expensive than targeting other fish species. This is because swordfish are generally found farther offshore and in deeper waters. It takes our charters longer to reach their fishing grounds and troll there, burning more fuel in the process as well as other additional costs.

Swordfish are extremely edible. We strongly advise grilling their delicious white meat. We will clean them, fillet them and cut them up into steaks for you at the dock. We will even package them into zip lock bags for you to take home. There are a number of classy Pompano Beach restaurants that will gladly prepare your swordfish for you. Take it along with you, and their chefs will delight in creating a taste sensation from your catch. They will even suggest the perfect side dishes to enhance the flavor of your swordfish – and all at a far cheaper rate than any of the standard meals on their menus.

Contact us to book your Pompano Beach Swordfish Fishing Charter and meet these monsters of the deep.