Pompano Beach Snapper Fishing

Pompano Beach red snapper fishingPompano Beach is rich with various snapper in its waters, including the red snapper, red porgies, vermillion snapper and yellowtail snapper - to name only a few. Our Pompano Beach fishing charter clients love targeting snapper, because they are immense fun and require less complicated equipment and techniques.

We use all types of bait to catch snapper, and we like to fish for them on reefs that have clear water and a swift current. Our Pompano Beach fishing captains prefer using live shrimp, as it has proven very successful. We also find snapper schooling around wrecks. The areas in wrecks where fish congregate are denser and smaller, which means that drifting live bait in the water attracts all types of fish. Targeting snapper becomes more difficult when all these fish species are stealing our bait, but when a snapper is caught – it is so much more rewarding.

Another reason why snapper fishing is so popular in Pompano Beach is because these fish are a delicacy. Commercial fishermen hunt snapper to feed diners at Pompano Beach seafood restaurants. Fishing charters and recreational anglers also pursue snapper, because there are few fish more delicious for your dinner table.

Our Pompano Beach fishing charter crew are all experts when it comes to snapper fishing. Their expertise will help new anglers get acquainted with these exciting fish, and more experienced anglers will have the opportunity to improve their skills.

Call us today to book your Pompano Beach Snapper Fishing Charter and fight for your tasty dinner.