Pompano Beach Shark Fishing

Pompano Beach shark fishingWith some of Florida's best shark fishing occurring off the coast of Pompano Beach, it is no wonder that it is the favored activity of locals and tourists in the area. There are numerous shark species in Pompano Beach. It is possible to catch any of them, but the most common are bull sharks, hammerhead sharks and mako sharks. Wrangling with these top predators is simply indescribable – and we are experts at fishing for sharks. We know exactly where they are found, and how to catch them.

Fishing for sharks in Pompano Beach is highly challenging. These animals are extremely powerful and incredibly fast underwater. Using the correct equipment and tackle is of paramount importance. Fortunately, our Pompano Beach fishing boats are fitted with tournament grade equipment, and our captains and crew specialize in catching sharks – ensuring that you have the best opportunity to successfully target them.

The Gulf Stream current brings migrating fish of all varieties and sizes close to the shores of Pompano Beach every year. Millions of sharks follow them during their own migrations, and this means that most of the sharks we catch are generally a mile or two offshore. This allows our Pompano Beach fishing charters to target them on any of our trips, because we do not need to travel far to find them.

It is essential that any hunter should understand their prey. This principle applies very strongly when fishing for sharks in Pompano Beach. Here is some information regarding the most frequently caught sharks in the area:

Hammerhead sharks have distinctively shaped heads that resemble the shape of a hammer, which accounts for their name. At night, hammerheads prefer hunting on their own, whereas during the day they enjoy the company of others and are often found swimming in schools. Hammerhead sharks range in size, and can grow alarmingly huge – reaching weights of nearly a ton. However, those found in Pompano Beach usually weigh a few hundred pounds or more. They have smaller mouths than other shark species, and they do most of their hunting near the ocean floor. This presents anglers with a perfect opportunity for bottom fishing.

Mako sharks are extremely difficult to catch. Their populations are declining, and they are an endangered species. If we catch a mako shark in Pompano Beach, then we always release it back into the ocean safely, and unharmed. Reaching speeds nearing 50mph, mako sharks are easily one of the fastest sharks in the sea.

Thresher sharks can grow into truly massive sharks, over a ton in weight. The ones we find off Pompano Beach are usually smaller than that. Thresher shark charters go farther offshore, into waters that extend into depths of 1 500ft and start at the drop-off into the Gulf Stream. Thresher sharks hunt smaller pelagic fish, such as tuna and mackerel – and squid is a tasty snack that they cannot resist, which is what our expert Pompano Beach fishing captains use to catch them with. Thresher sharks are named after a farming device that separates grain from stalks.

Bull sharks have unfortunately acquired a rather bad reputation. This is because they are often found lurking in shallow waters where people are sunbathing. They are highly adapted to survive in freshwater and saltwater, which is why they can follow their prey further inshore – uprivers, canals and ocean inlets. They feed on birds, fish, turtles and whatever else they can find.

Extremely massive and very powerful, bull sharks can grow into sizes exceeding a ton. The bull sharks lurking around Pompano Beach are usually no larger than 500lbs, which is pretty large indeed. Bull sharks are solitary hunters, and very territorial. They are known to inhabit the same reefs and wrecks for year after year.

Bull sharks give even our toughest anglers a thrill of trepidation. They are aggressive by nature, and pitting yourself against them is one of the most thrilling, exhilarating and exciting adventures yet.

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