Pompano Beach Sailfish Fishing

Pompano Beach sailfish fishing

Sailfish are stunning creatures of the sea. They have long bodies, long bills, giant fins and beautiful blue, silver and black colors – which all combine to set them apart as one of Pompano Beach's most spectacular fish. Belonging to the billfish family, sailfish have enormous dorsal fins that resemble the sail of a sailboat – hence their name. Sailfish fishing is a favorite activity among the locals of Pompano Beach, and is extremely popular with our Pompano Beach fishing charter clients because catching them is thrilling, adventurous and exciting. Seeing the magnificence of sailfish up close and personal, is another reason they are so sought after.

Sailfish are one of the fastest fish in the sea. They are able to swim underwater at 70mph, which is simply phenomenal. Pompano Beach sailfish are also very big, and grow into 10ft long, 200lbs monsters. They also have unique camouflaging abilities, adding to their prowess as top predators. Sailfish in Pompano Beach change their colors, which help to confuse their prey. They are also able to raise and lower their sail, discouraging predators and disorienting their prey further.

Catching sailfish in Pompano Beach is not an easy accomplishment. A captain with vast sailfish fishing experience is required, and so is special equipment and techniques. Sailfish are highly intelligent fish, attuned to the way their prey swims naturally in the water – and catching them relies on expertise and effective deception. Our Pompano Beach sailfish fishing charters find that live bait is the best way to lure them, and we troll for them while kite fishing or dredge fishing.

Here is a brief summary of how they work:

Kite fishing involves attaching live bait onto long lines. These lines are suspended temporarily from a kite which is flown behind the boat. The updraft of air that this creates keeps the kite holding the bait on the surface of the water, where it looks like the fish is panicking. Sailfish (and other larger predators lurking below) find this very exciting and irresistible. When sailfish take the bait, then the line breaks free from the kite and they can be successfully reeled in.

Dredge fishing is also a technique used to fool fish. The dredge is a device that looks like an umbrella, and it holds several baits. These baits are all attached to the dredge and it is trolled through the water. The overall effect that this produces is that of a school of fish swimming through the water. This works extremely well, because predators will always target a group of fish instead of a solitary one – ensuring that they catch their dinner, and that we catch them.

Sailfish in Pompano Beach hunt in schools. There is a good chance that there are several nearby when you spot one. There is no thrill like watching sailfish leaping high into the air once hooked on our lines, and our clients and crew all wait with baited breath for the moment when there are multiple sailfish caught. The sight of them all leaping about is what some of us live for. If you know a talented photographer, then bring them aboard to capture some amazing Pompano Beach sailfish photographs. This spectacle is the reason that Pompano Beach has the reputation for some of the world's best sailfish fishing. It is also why billfish tournaments are so popular in Pompano Beach and the surrounding areas.

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