Pompano Beach Marlin Fishing

Pompano Beach marlin fishing

There is a classic, well-known tale of an aged fisherman who has to battle a giant marlin alone on a tiny boat. It is called The Old Man and the Sea and is written by Ernest Hemingway. The awe and mystery that these magnificently beautiful fish generate world-wide is largely due to this story, and is not entirely fictional. Marlins are gigantic, and are known to pull boats many miles through the ocean with their extremely powerful strength – and they have become an icon for sports fishing in Pompano Beach.

When fishing for marlin in Pompano Beach, there are a few very important factors to consider. Firstly, they are a rare species, and have suffered tremendously from commercial fishing. Scarce in numbers, and highly intelligent, catching a Pompano Beach marlin is incredibly challenging. Marlins are difficult to find and the most common marlin around Pompano Beach are the blue and white species. Black marlin or striped marlin is even rarer to spot and catch – making the probability of catching other billfish species such as swordfish and sailfish much more likely.

If you are going to take up the challenge of fishing for marlin in Pompano Beach, then it is important to remember that marlin prefer deeper waters. The Gulf Stream brings them fairly close to shore when they are migrating, but they are hardly ever caught there. Your highest chance of successfully catching a marlin lies in travelling farther offshore. Ideally, you need to be fishing along the edge of the continental shelf in depths ranging between 600ft and 1 000ft. Your likelihood of catching a marlin increases further if you take a Pompano Beach marlin fishing charter into the Bahamas side of the Gulf Stream. We offer charters from Pompano Beach that will take you into the waters off the Bahamas, because we have found that fishing for marlin is generally better there.

Marlin exist high in the food chain, they are top predators. Super fast swimmers, they are known to reach speeds nearing 70mph underwater. This is faster than you are probably going to be travelling, and is something you need to definitely consider. When trolling, you need to be moving between seven and fifteen knots. Slower than seven knots will ensure that your bait does not look natural and other fish will happily steal it before the marlin even notices it. Faster than fifteen knots will not catch you any marlin either, because the bait will fall apart and look even more unnatural while moving through the water.

The best bait to use for tempting marlin is small tuna and skipjacks. Our Pompano Beach marlin fishing charters insist that live bait is the most effective method and will help you catch these elusive fish. However, they can be caught on frozen bait and lures. When using frozen bait, our Pompano Beach fishing captains will combine it with a skirt – which helps attract marlin and also protects your bait.

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