Pompano Beach Kingfish Fishing

Pompano Beach kingfish fishing

Kingfish make a fantastic target for any of our Pompano Beach fishing charters. Kingfish are regularly caught relatively close to shore, and they are abundant in these waters. There is always a very good chance that we will catch kingfish, regardless of whether you are going on a four hour, six hour or eight hour Pompano Beach fishing charter with us.

Kingfish in Pompano Beach are silver and have scaly bodies. They range in size between small and medium, typically weighing anywhere between five and thirty pounds. Kingfish are a type of mackerel, which is the reason why many people refer to them as king mackerel, and they migrate to the shores of Pompano Beach during the summer. You will need to try kingfish for dinner to decide if you like them. Their meat is too oily for most tastes, and Pompano Beach locals do not eat much kingfish. However, there are those that consider kingfish divine, and insist that they are delicious.

Kingfish are incredibly fast, making catching them particularly exciting. Their speed can rival that of wahoo. They are also cunning and very aware of the way their prey swims naturally through the water. Our Pompano Beach kingfish charters catch them while trolling both live and frozen bait, but kingfish is known to bite off the tail ends. This means that using the right bait and rigging it correctly is of paramount importance. Our captains and crew have been fishing for kingfish in Pompano Beach most of their lives, and they have mastered this skill.

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