Pompano Beach Grouper Fishing

Pompano Beach grouper fishing

There is good reason why fishing for grouper in Pompano Beach is one of the most popular fishing activities in Florida. The tremendous power of the grouper fish provide anglers with an enormous challenge. It is also a fantastic opportunity to test your skill at bottom fishing, because grouper feed off the floor of the ocean.

Grouper are also very easy to identify. They have huge mouths and very stocky bodies, and they can grow into massive fish as large as 500lbs. Those found in Pompano Beach generally weigh less than 100lbs, yet prove themselves to be true fighters. Reeling them in from the depths of the sea is no easy task.

Pompano Beach grouper are caught very successfully on frozen bait, and on live bait. There are many varieties of grouper in the waters off Pompano Beach – the gag grouper and the goliath grouper being only a few among them. Grouper are interesting fish, and extremely unique. They do not have any teeth on the edges of their jaws. Instead, they have enormous tooth plates which they use very effectively to crush their prey. Before swallowing them whole, the grouper will use their large jaws to suck them dry. Grouper have hearty appetites and have been known to attack people. Fortunately, an encounter with a grouper is rarely fatal, even though fatalities have been recorded.

The waters off of Pompano Beach house grouper throughout the year. They are caught in numerous varieties and fairly close to shore. However, the best time to target grouper is in the springtime. This is when they are spawning, and we have great fun dropping live pinfish right over their wrecks and reefs, and feeling the grouper actually inhaling the bait. During April and May, grouper fever sends many anglers out hunting them – looking for the adventure and thrill of these powerful fish that give even the strongest of anglers a real challenge.

Grouper is a delicacy in Pompano Beach, and our personal favorite is fried grouper fingers. Grilled, fried or baked – the flaky white meat of the grouper is an extremely popular entree at many restaurants in Pompano Beach. You can even take your catch to some of them, who will ensure that your grouper is served deliciously. We will gladly recommend these restaurants to you.

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